Two simple UI requests for creature comforts

Surface a sync button in the web UI main interface. I get it, resources are valuable. I’m a LastPass refugee and I’m going through my plot culling keys and reorganizing. I keep having to toggle between tools and vault to refresh because I’m using the plugin to ingest and the web page to organize. A little refresh button would be super tasteful.

Chrome Extension:
Sometimes the view icon is the default, sometimes launch is the default. When launch is the default icon, it’s not intuitive to click on the name for view. Why not have view up all the time and add launch when you want it. You have plenty of real estate to work with.

Well, you have the ‘view’ when a passcard is found for the tab. And you have the ‘launch’ when you search for a passcard.
I like this way.
If I search for a passcard I usually (99% of the time) want to open it and not to view it. And if I want to view it, I click on the name.
From my point of view, 2 different situation so 2 different icon and way of work.
Or to contempt everybody, a selectable option.

It’s easy to say, I like it that way. But in UI design, consistency is usually best and least confusing.

It shouldn’t be unnecessarily changing how it operates due to context. When you’re adding/removing/searching 300 entries to onboard, it’s frustrating for it to keep changing modes and hiding options because it’s the most likely thing. Both options are still equally valid and should be displayed IMO.