Two Person Sharing with One in Control

I am a former LastPass user who has left because of security concerns and who has converted to Bitwarden after reading numerous reviews. So far I am very pleased with the product and have 150+ logins in my vault that I have brought over from LastPass.

My wife and I have separate PCs, and currently I am the only one using Bitwarden. I would like her to enjoy the ease of logging into sites that I experience. I’ve been reading articles on family plans, organizations and collections, etc. and am deciding how best to proceed.

My wife’s level of computer expertise is very low, even after years of using one, and her interest in learning more about computer use is equally low. I think that for us, better than any sharing plan would be for her to have her own Bitwarden account. I would export my vault, delete a large number of the password entries that she doesn’t use and import the remaining entries that she does use into her account. She probably accesses about 10% of the websites referenced in my vault. She will also never add passwords to her vault.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Is there any problem importing a small number of my entries into her vault? Any advice will be appreciated.

The main pitfall is that if you change any of the shared passwords, you’ll need to do it in two places.

Alternatively, you could create a shared collection, and move the 10% shared credentials into the collection. Then you would also be able to set up access controls to prevent her from accidentally modifying or deleting any of the shared login items.