Two factor authentication not working with web login and on phone

Dear Bitwarden-Community,

I have a Bitwarden premium account and I started using it with Duo for 2FA. 2FA is working when I log into the desktop app on my mac or the browser extension. In these cases I have to authenticate via the duo app on the phone. However, beyond that I have encountered two issues:

  1. When I log into bitwarden online via the website I don’t have to do two factor authentication (it only asks for it when I use the desktop app or log into the browser extension)

  2. When I log into the app on my phone it asks my for the two factor authentification. However, I have to authentication via the same phone from which I am logging in. That does not make sense because it does not offer the second ‘factor’.

Has anyone encountered similar issues and found a solution for it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Then don’t keep them both on the same phone… How else do you imagine it to work. :slightly_smiling_face: if you want to have your second ‘factor’ separate then keep it separate.

To follow up, if you really don’t want to keep your 2FA(Duo) and your vault on the same device, either have a 2nd phone just for 2fa or use yubikey.