Trying to Connect API to Okta Workflows

Hey all,

I’m trying to connect the Bitwarden API on our self hosted instance to the Okta Workflows API connector and I’m running into some trouble, and feeling really dumb for it.

Here’s what their API connector asks for:
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.22.01 AM

I’m all well and good on the token path URL, scope, and client ID and secret, but haven’t been able to find what would be the authorize path in any documentation. I’ve tried a bunch of things and haven’t had any luck. Does anyone happen to know what this is?


Hey there, let me know if this helps, from the Okta documentation, Authenticate with API Connector cards | Okta

Authorize Path: the authorization path for the service. For example,

Hey thanks for the reply! I saw that article but had no luck using typical oauth locations. I have a support ticket open now.