Trying Bitwarden out, can I delete these entries?

I imported a csv file from another password manager and I have a bunch of entries that have unique information only in the “URI 1” field. I suspect they are from a column that Bitwarden does not need.
Can I delete them or are they needed for some reason?
Or is the data corrupted in some way and I need to address that?
It does appear that some passwords are in this field, sometimes.

Screenshot 2022-12-24 at 5.16.35 PM


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Hello @Billboz and welcome to the community,

If you’ve imported from your web browser most likely there may be entries that have passwords, (possibly duplicates) but that do not have a username associated with them.
These may or may not have URIs associated with them as well.

You should be able to select the logins, check and edit any login names if needed, and then select any items to delete if they are unnecessary.

Deleted trash items are kept for 30 days, and can either be recovered or manually deleted during that time.

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