Trunk search function

Trunk search function
The search in the vault function searches all fields that contain “one of the words” entered in the search box.
If you enter 3 batches, the function displays each field that contains at least one of the three hits.
There is no multi-word search function for an exact search of the complete occurrence.
Too bad.
I explain :
I have 3 banks
I have 4 accesses per bank
I have 3 Bank Identity Statements per Bank

And I have all the hits that contain ACCESS or BANK or ONE, even if I only want hits containing only “ACCESS BANK ONE”.
It’s not always very convenient
Yours sincerely,

Thanks for the request!

We use lunr as our search plugin, and it has some pretty nifty options, some of them are covered in our help article here.

For instance, you can type this into the search to find matches that have all the words: >+ACCESS +BANK +ONE

There are tons of other features as well, definitely give the docs look if you can.

I have the same issue as @Yahtahey and tried your suggestion as also explained in the lunr help:

  • adding the > symbol for full lunr search functionality
  • adding the + symbol to create the “and” function

But it does not work for me…, not on the web and not on the desktop Bitwarden application.

does I misunderstood anything?

Many thanks