True "Select All"

Feature name

Select All seems to only select the first 500 entries. It makes it impossible to share larger login databases. I don’t see why it would be restricted to only 500?

Feature function

Allow selection of all logins in a Vault.
Allow us to easily conduct changes (e.g. sharing many logins with an Organization)

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  • I’ve used Lastpass, Keeper and Keepass all implement this functionality with no issues.

Hi @icefyre, thanks for the feedback! These limitations are currently in place to ensure optimal performance, but we’re always looking for ways to improve.

@dwbit I understand that applying an action to more than 500 item may take longer to complete however this shouldn’t be a hard-coded limitation. You can have a pop-up explaining to the user that performing actions on over 500 entries may take a while and asking them if they want to proceed. Otherwise you are forcing users to use strange insecure workarounds (e.g. importing/export csv files) and it makes the product seem less professional/complete than competitors such as Lastpass/Keeper/1Password that allow performing actions on all of your entries with ease. I have switched to bitwarden from these competitors primarily because it is open source and frequently audited/reviewed however these types of what appear to be arbitrary limitations really make things difficult for those of us with larger credential database coming over from competitors. Especially those of us who need to share large amounts of credentials with others.

Hi @icefyre, I like your idea of a prompt that indicates the limit. I’ll pass that along to the team.

Any luck on getting this implemented?