Trouble entering BW TOTP on Android

When I when I launch a website from my Android’s BW app, then need go back to the app to copy a TOTP or other log-in data, the website in question disappears. I’m guessing it’s because the app and website are using the same browser, but even so, while I can arrow back to BW to copy the data I need, I can’t then return to the website without relaunching it.

Also, when launched, this particular site, BestBuy, isn’t providing me a way to auto-fill the data. Thanks.

Greetings. It’s been several days, but I’ve not gotten a response to my post about my Android issue, which you moved to a more appropriate thread. If you can recommend any other sources where I might get suggestions, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with Android, and cannot help you with this issue.

If you do not get any responses here, your alternative options are to ask for assistance on Reddit or to contact Bitwarden’s official customer support.

Okay, thanks. I have an idea to try actually, so fingers crossed…

I use Android app, which is often described as being hit-and-miss on autofill, but if I begin the process like you said:

  1. Launch the website from Bitwarden
  2. If I am on the login screen, there will be a Bitwarden icon right next to my login fields, I would hit this button which brings me right back to BW
  3. When I select the entry, the username + password fields will be filled in automatically

In the case that Bitwarden icon doesn’t show, or the autofill doesn’t happen for whatever reason, I would

  1. Hit the app switching button at the bottom of the screen (or you have to do something else if you solely rely on swipe) to switch to Bitwarden

The app switching button looks like the rightmost button in this image:

  1. find the entry, copy the user name, hit the app switching button twice back to the browser, paste the username
  2. hit the switching button twice back to Bitwarden, copy the password, hit the app switching button twice back to the browser, and paste the password

OTOH, I use Firefox as my main browser, so I wouldn’t know if it works like this on Chrome.

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Belated thanks. Haven’t had time to give it a try.