TouchID not supported?

macOS Monterey v 12.6.1 / Safari v15.6.1 / Bitwarden v2022.11.0

I am trying to select ‘Unlock with biometrics’ in the Safari extension. I have a M2 MacBook Air that most certainly uses TouchID. I have ‘Allow browser integration’ ticked in Bitwarden’s Preferences. But I get this error.

Hey there, can you confirm where you download Bitwarden from? Can you try the direct download from the App store?

Fresh install from MAS. Second time. I was having a RAM issue after the first. Krystian had suggested a totally clean reinstall, which worked for that.

Thanks for confirmation, to confirm, you already have a ticket open with the support team?

Not for this issue. I was trying to avoid directly bothering them. I was hoping a fellow user might point out something I had missed.

Does this affect the Bitwarden browser extension only?

I see this error when my MBP (with M1) is closed and connected to an external screen. Since the TouchID sensor is not accessible in clamshell mode, macOS reports it as not available. This is expected, but sometimes macOS seems to forget about the sensor afterwards, even when the sensor is accessible again.

You probably did this already, but rebooting helps in my situation.

Yes, restarted. Reinstalled.

Hi @timlance - do you have the Bitwarden desktop app running in the background, and are you currently logged into your account on the desktop app? It can be locked, but you must be logged in for biometrics to work in the Safari extension.