Touch screen drag and drop Custom Fields on iOS, iPad, and Android | Ability to Re-order URL Hierarchy for Favicons

Feature name

a.) :sparkles:Touch drag and drop for Custom Fields for iPad/iOS/Android App to re-arrange custom fields in any order you like after creation.

~Currently (my understanding) you can only move the order of the custom fields in the Desktop App and on the web vault, but this feature is not available on mobile, neither Android or iOS.

b.) :globe_with_meridians:Drag and drop and re-arrange the order of the URL’s listed for a website in a fashion similar to what is already possible with dragging and dropping to change the sequential order of Custom Fields

(feature request for ALL Bitwarden versions not just mobile although I understand Browser extensions make drag + drop difficult)

:x:The issue: right now, you can Add a new URL but you can’t move around the URLs you’ve already created to easily change the primary URL without the encumber of copying and pasting or just outright deleting. There’s no drag and drop for URLs – this is true on all devices even Desktop.

~Why is having no way to re-arrange the URLs seamlessly without deleting an issue?

  • Because the Primary URL determines the Favicon for the entry and there’s no way to assign a custom icon to a website.
  • Some users use the primary URL as a means of quick navigation using the browser extension.
  • Because the hierarchy of URLs has meaning to the user in terms of finding the account (Favicon) and UX navigation (using the URL link to visit site of interest in the browser extension), it should be easy for the user to move the URLs when they need to.

~Currently, if I wanted to move a URL from “first” → “last” I would have to make a brand new URL field, cut the original URL out of the first field, and paste the URL into the new field I just created. This process gets more complicated when you are dealing with even more subdomains.

It would be easier to just drag and drop when we want to switch which is the “primary” URL - which determines the favicon we see when using the rest of the Bitwarden UI.

Imagine if we could just drag and drop URLs like we already can drag custom fields on Bitwarden Desktop/Web – even though that feature is missing on mobile! Leading to my next point…

Feature function

:sparkles:Touch Drag and Drop custom fields on Mobile [Android + iOS]

  • Will make it easier for users with many custom fields to drag up the custom fields they use the most to the top of the entry with ease from their mobile device
  • Brings mobile apps closer to feature parity with Desktop and Web App
  • Less “travel” for finger moving on screen vs. mouse across a computer monitor, more efficient workflow
  • Remove the need to move from Work Tablet → Desktop when engaging in custom field management. With this feature, all could be done on an iPad or Android phone!

:globe_with_meridians:Ability to Change URL Hierachy/Order: Implemented via Drag and Drop

  • Makes it faster and smoother for users to change their favicon which helps them find the website they are looking for within Bitwarden
  • Will make it more seamless for users to change what is considered the “primary URL” as sometimes the URL bitwarden picks up automatically isn’t the the preferred link we’d like to have associated with the website

What benefits will this feature bring?

:sparkles:Touch Screen Drag and Drop for Custom Fields:
(only needed for Android + iPad + iOS, drag and drop already exists on web app + Desktop app)

  • Empowers users to become more engaged with their custom fields (one of the best features of Bitwarden) even while on the go
  • Brings the iPad/iOS and Android app closer to feature parity with the Desktop App and Web Vault.
  • Erases some of the cumbersome annoyance of using drag + drop with a mouse, dragging in drop with your finger on a smaller screen is much easier!
  • Much better user experience for a feature that some users such as myself use religiously every day. :slight_smile:
    • example: When I add a new important custom field on my iPad, I won’t have to go back to my Desktop to move it to the top.

:globe_with_meridians:Drag and Drop for URLs (mobile + Desktop + web app)

  • Will make it wayyyy easier for users to change the fav icon if a website uses multiple subdomains
  • More seamless way to organize the links that are associated with our Bitwarden vault entry
  • Reduce the number of frustrating copy/pastes when you have a valid URL but you don’t want it to be the primary one that determines the fav icon
  • Makes the UI/UX regarding custom fields and custom urls have more feature parity and have more similar design language
  • Makes it easier for users to change the favicon to an icon of their liking
  • Makes it easier for users to change the first link that Bitwarden refers to in the browser extension, which many users use to help with day-to-day navigation inside the Bitwarden web browser extension. I know I do!

Hey @PantherPro thanks for the feature requests and welcome to the community! Can you split the two ideas here into separate posts for voting and discussion? It is the best way to facilitate feature requests.