Touch id - am I being dim

Hello there. I have moved from LastPass, primarily because they want £30 from me this year for a single user, other than that its been a good experience

Bitwarden also seems ok, it never offers to save my sign ups, but I can come to peace with that.

Am I missing something obvious on touch id on mac though? I have set it up on the desktop app, when I start it, touch id will get me in, perfect. But on the safari plugin there is no such option, which seems a real shame.

I have clicked the option for ‘allow browser integration’, but this appears to do nothing.

You didn’t miss anything! Safari is actually getting biometrics with the next release :sunglasses:

Ah great well thats good.

I have one other question where my logins have two factor 6 digits I am noticing the bitwarden has an option to copy verification code, what is this please? (I really want you to say I can integrate my two factors into bitwarden, that would be killer)

Well I found out thats exactly what it is, that amazing. Delighted with that functionality

I must temper this enthusiasm however with the fact it just keeps logging me out on my various browsers all the time and this is super annoying behaviour, my master password is like a million characters, there has to be a better way. I have even told it to never do this which I know is not great but yet its still doing it.