TOTP time remaining indicator on main list - Browser Extension

Feature name

  • TOTP time remaining indicator

Feature function

  • Currently, browser extension only shows TOTP countdown if you open the specific site/application listing. Recommend updating this so that the “clock” icon next to the user/password icons not only copies the TOTP, but that the icon indicates time remaining for code.

  • Benefit: With having to often copy the code, click in the site field (or switch apps, etc), if there is only a few seconds left, this can cause the code to rotate and result in a failed login. This also can cause users to become entirely locked from a service if they are adding 2FA, and the code rotates after copy, then the old code is entered for the service; causing 2FA to permanently fail with no indication that this has happened.

  • Suggest: Pie style countdown for the icon, with icon changing color to red when less than 10sec remaining.

Hello @slightlyevolved - welcome to the community forums.

Have you had issues with expired TOTP codes in the past? Normally, most websites will accept codes that are at least a minute past the clock timer. I think the timer is only there to warn you if you are trying to enter the code manually (e.g., you look at the first three digits, type them in, then look back for the next three digits - you don’t want the code to change before you look back).

As such, I wonder if this feature request is really necessary?