TOTP screen on mobile


An extra screen only for the current TOTPs would be quite nice. In my opinion it is a quite an effort to navigate to an credential item just for copying the TOTP.
A screen which shows alle TOTP directly would be quite handy. This could replace the “Tools” screen, because this one only contains links to the webview and can easily be placed in the settings screen.


Bump. I don’t know how this is a thing for the mobile apps and browser extensions. Currently its a 3 click minimum to get to TOTPs if we are filling them in manually. There should always be a 2FA/TOTP tab no matter what platform you are on. This will drive adoption and likely premium sales :wink:


+1, was used to this on Lastpass, switched to Bitwarden and would love to have this feature


This would be really nice. Even for the browser extension too.


I run “Authy” with a copy of the TOTP seeds just to get the convenience I need. Bitwarden’s TOTP support is “just enough”. TOTP needs to be a first class citizen, like username and password.


Duplicate of Dedicated TOTP Page ?