TOTP not syncing


I’m am hosting on premise using Synology NAS and Docker. I’ve been running Bitwarden for 6 months give or take, and it has been working wonderfully. Until last night. I use 2FA with every login that I can, and have paid for the premium version so that I can store the TOTP code in bitwarden.

As of last night, My phone and my computer are giving me different codes. The 6 digit code coming from the Bitwarden app on my phone is correct, but the 6 digit code coming from the browser extension on my computer isn’t.

I can add passwords to my vault and they sync between devices, but for whatever reason the 6 digit codes are not syncing correctly. I have stop and restarted Bitwarden, and even ran the update script to see if it needed an update.

The only thing I have changed was moving my dns services from NO-IP to Cloudflare. ever since doing that I have been having some issues reaching my NAS outside of my LAN, but I never opened a port or had my Bitwarden instance open to the public.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am dependent on my password manager!

Thomas Brown