TOTP Login to Bitwarden - edit seed for using with pre-programmed hardware tokens?

I’m considering using Feitian c200 hardware tokens to secure Bitwarden login. This is for users which don’t have a (business) smartphone.
Those tokens come with a pre-programmed seed, which cannot be changed (without an expensive programming station). Is there a way to enter the seed/secret when adding 2FA for a users login?

I know I can do this with most of the solutions we use when there’s a TOTP 2FA login method.

Wasn’t able to find anything in the docs, the forum, the internet… :wink:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Great question @cmeis! The Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) Help Center article outlines how to manually input compatible secrets:

Setup the Bitwarden Authenticator from any Bitwarden app by copying the secret key (typically available as an alternative to a QR Code) from the website or app and pasting it into the Authenticator Key (TOTP) field for the corresponding Vault item.

Once setup, Bitwarden Authenticator will continuously generate 6-digit TOTPs rotated every 30 seconds, which you can use as a secondary step for Two-step Login to connected websites or apps.

@dwbit I have seen that, but I have probably not made my question entirely clear.

What I’m asking about is 2FA login to Bitwarden itself.
When adding 2FA to my Bitwarden account, there’s the usual way to scan the QR code, but that’s the place where I’d like to be able to insert my own secret key.

Thanks for providing clarification! Currently there is no option for a manual seed. You are more than welcome to submit a feature request though!

Thanks, I have posted to feature requests for those.