Too many proposals for Login


I have installed a UNIFI Controller on a Raspberry Pi.
The Login page is reachable with URL:

I created a Login in Bitwarden with this URL with Option “Starts with”.

On my Mac with Safari it works. I get 1 proposed password.

But on my iPad (iOS 14.7.1) and actual Bitwarden App there it looks like shown on the attached screenshots.

The proposed password is the wrong one. When I press on the key, I get a list of all passwords for my local domain The Servername and Port is ignored.

Is there a possibility to solve this issue?

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I’ll suggest the obvious, just in case - if you manually sync your vault on the iPad, does that fix it?

I made a manual sync. But I still get a list of passwords over 2 screens.

On other websites it works - but not on this one.

Try setting the URI match detection to “Host”.


I set the URI match to „Server“. But the result is the same.

Bitwaden always shows me all entries for the domain and not for the Server/Host.

Inthink it must be a Bitwarden client issue, because on my Mac it works. But not on the iPad.

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