Too many attempts

I just came back from the office of a colleague, recently arrived in our company, and who needed help to join the Bitwarden organization.

I sent the invite by email, then get to her office, and helped her through the requirements. She tried one time with a password too weak to satisfy for our org’s policy. She tried a second time, with a proper password, but stumbled upon a red error message enjoining to slow down, because she tried to many times.

I’ve never seen this message before, but as far as I know she didn’t tried to subscribe before I get to her office. That means the “slow down” thing kicks off at the second try ? Given that the first try was failed due to a weak password, of course changing it to a more robust one only takes so much time.

If I’m right, this might be a bit overkill, isn’t it ? Does anyone have the same problem ? Is this “slow down” feature new ?