Too long sync delay between Chrome extension and Bitwarden for Windows

When I modify an entry via Bitwarden Chrome extension, even the day after it is not reflected on the Bitwarden Windows desktop app. I have to manually ask Windows Desktop app to sync in order to get the updated entry on it.
How can I make Bitwarden sync more aggressive in order to have them in sync more rapidly?
Regards, Chris

Hey Chris, that’s not expected behaviour, can you try removing and reinstalling the extension? You can also try temporarily disabling other extensions to check for interference.

The long delay concrete experience I am referring happened with the Bitwarden client for Windows. Bitwarden for Chrome is the only one installed with Dark Reader.

Thanks for confirmation, I would recommend reinstalling Bitwarden for Windows. Are you installing the Windows app from the Bitwarden website or from the Windows store?

The problem of slow sync frequency of sync is clearly linked to Bitwarden platform not the client.
I experienced the same issue with my Android client 34h later it was still not in sync with the new updates.

Thanks for the info, that’s not expected behavior. You can reach the official Bitwarden support team here, or file a bug report on Github here or here.

I have just sent a message to them about this.