Timeout setting for Master Password Re-prompt / reauthentication

When using logins set to require reentering the master password, I sometimes have to enter my password repeatedly in a very short span of time. The most common case for me is unlocking my vault specifically to use a password-locked login. It’s also an issue if logging into multiple accounts and for sites with separate username and password screens.

If the user proves their identity once, there is little point in immediately asking a second time. I think the clear solution is a setting, similar to vault timeout, that would skip master password confirmations within a configurable time range since the password was last entered. (Unless the vault is locked, of course.) The time range would need much smaller initial increments than for vault timeout.

I saw a mention in another thread of other methods of confirmation, so a corresponding option for each would make sense. “After confirming identity via [password/biometrics/etc], do not require confirmation with that method for [time].”

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