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:rotating_light: Self-hosted Notice | API Changes.

On 2022-11-16T05:00:00Z Bitwarden will be depreciating APIs used in the 1.45 (Feb 2022) release. To avoid disruption to service, please update your on premise installation.

If you have any questions, please contact the support team directly.

Bitwarden Events🗓

2022-10-05T16:00:00Z Live Weekly Demo
2022-10-06T16:00:00ZBitwarden Brilliance

Visit for a list of all upcoming events and past recordings.

2022.9.0 Release - Special Thanks :blue_heart:

A special thanks to all of our community contributors!

Vitaly Baev: Adds Mir payment system

Matthis Radke: Fix “Check for Updates…” URL (for clients without auto-updater)

Patrick H. Lauke

  • Web: Fix twoStepLogin modal title > id
  • Desktop: Change box-headers from
    to semantic headings
  • Desktop/browser: tweak .box-header-expandable styles
  • Accessibility: improve item edit for URIs and custom fields
  • Don’t suppress outline for input[type=“file”] controls
  • Remove appBlurClick throughout the popup and web code
  • Desktop / Browser: Accessibility - remove appBlurClick, change remaining links to buttons
  • Desktop: Accessibility - ARIA/structure fixes

Deividt Gemeli: Android: Label of terms of service and privacy policy switch is too close to the actual switch in the sign-up screen

Tomi Belan: Allow the CLI to sync without unlocking

We’re Hiring! :technologist:

Visit the Bitwarden Careers page to see a list of open positions. If you don’t see one that matches your area of expertise, you can use the general intake form to apply.

Apply for positions such as:

  • Front-End Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • VP of Engineering
  • Technical Training Manager

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