Thinking of coming back, I have a few questions first

It’s been a while since I’ve used Bitwarden, and am considering coming back, but first I have a couple of questions:

  • Can I share passwords from within Android now, or do I still have to use the Web Vault?

  • Has the autofill functionality on Android been fixed? It used to be pretty hit or miss as to whether it actually worked/ prompted for autofill.

  • Creating a new login from within the android app used to be pretty fickle, has that been stabilized yet?

  • Actually, that used to be true for the browser extension as well, you couldn’t do it from the drop down, you had to open the extension in a pop-up window, otherwise it wouldn’t save anything if you closed it. Even then it would save the URI as the extension address, not the web or app address, so I’d have to go in and manually fix it.

  • I currently use Enpass, because I control the sync, and I get nervous about hosting my data on someone else’s servers, however Bitwarden is open source, and just completed an audit with a positive outcome, so I feel a little more trusting. Can someone make the case why I should trust Bitwarden over Enpass with my data?