Things to consider before changing email

I wish to change my email and I had read General FAQs | Bitwarden Help Center, but that is not my concern. I was wondering what will happen to my current Authy 2FA, encrypted exported value, & recovery code, before I change my email? Thank.

Hello @Pluto and welcome to the community,

Good questions you’ve got, as far as I understand none of the items you pointed out should be of worry when changing your login email.

Authy 2FA should not change, typically if there are any TOTP issues with 2FA it is due to system time being incorrect.

Encrypted exports are either encrypted with your account’s encryption key or a user defined encryption password.

2FA recovery codes for the account are also subsequently not changed even with disabling/enabling 2FA login. This is only reset if your 2FA recovery code is used.