The window title of a popped out browser window should describe the displayed item

Currently, the title of every popped-out Bitwarden window (the window that is created as a result of clicking the “pop-out” button in the UI) is the same, namely: “Extension: (Bitwarden - Free Password Manager) - Bitwarden – Mozilla Firefox” (when running the Firefox extension) or “Bitwarden” (when running the Chrome extension). My suggestion is to update the window title to describe the item being displayed in the window. Specifically, when the popped-out window is displaying an item from my Bitwarden database, I would like to have the window title contain the “Name” field of the item being displayed. I often end up keeping several popped-out Bitwarden windows open for reference, each displaying a different item from my Bitwarden database. When all the window titles are the same, it is hard to distinguish the windows from one another in the Windows task bar.