The error notificationin the browser plugin is unecessarily intrusive

Error popup/notification in browser plugin blocks progress for too long.

Feature function

Too often, I accidentally search for and select a vault entry when I’m on the “Tab” tab (Tab mode?) when I should be on the “Vault” tab/mode. When I select the entry in this mode, I get the notification “Unable to autofill the selected item…”. This notification is modal, obscures the Tab/Vault/Generator/Settings bar, and stays up for 5 long seconds. It takes me about 250ms to realize my error, but I have to wait 4,750ms to be able to correct it. The best solution would be to make the alert non modal, and move it so that it does not obscure the action bar. Lacking that, the duration could be reduced.
Observed in extension version 1.46.2 in Firefox and Chrome.

I’d like to add to this. People say I’m a very “fast” computer user and it’s very frustrating to wait for the green bar to fade away to be able to use the tabs below.