Testing Master Password

Hello. I have tried searching Help! but without success.
I know my PIN so can access my account but want to test my Master Password as I am only 99% certain as to what it is (yes, I know, careless). Is there some way I can test what I think it is without changing the setting that allows me in with my PIN? I’m worried that if I get it wrong I’ll be locked out completely. Thanks in advance, L

Hey Lesley, which device are you testing it on? You can try logging into the Bitwarden Web Vault.

Thanks for your quick reply. You solved my problem of finding a way of testing but it seems (once I’d got through about 6 Captures!) that I wasn’t recalling my P/W correctly. Hey Ho. My mess but thanks again. Luckily I haven’t put too much info into the vault yet.

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