Test two step recovery code backup

It would give me peace of mind to be able to verify that the two step recovery code I have written down outside of Bitwarden is correct re this feature Recovery Codes | Bitwarden Help & Support

Currently there doesn’t appear to be a way to easily verify the code is correct. If I could paste the recovery code I have written down outside of Bitwarden into the Bitwarden web app and get a “code matches” message or similar, I would know I haven’t made a mistake saving the code in the first place.

Make another Bitwarden account, add 2FA and see if the recovery code works there

I think recovery codes are account specific, username and password is required to recover using a recovery code

They are. That is not what I meant. For your peace of mind, generate a recovery code on that 2nd Bitwarden account and use it there to see that it works.

Is it so hard to double-triple-quadruple check the recovery code when you write it down to make sure it is correct? That piece of paper you used is not going to lie to you 5 years later. If you are so unsure of your current one, just generate a new code.

This request is meaningless. It should be closed/deleted.

Creating a second account and entering the recovery code there makes no sense as the codes are account specific. Your suggestion seems to be that I should test that the recovery code feature works as intended? Of course it does…

I’m saving the recovery code digitally, not on paper. The recover codes are long, visually checking codes isn’t as reliable as digitally checking them.

The functionality that I am suggesting already exists in other platforms where codes/keys are crucial e.g. cryptocurrency hardware wallets allow people to verify the private key they backed up is correct.

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got yelled at by a family member that “you just don’t do that, you just don’t delete entered information without a confirmation”