Terms: "view" and "edit" | +verb +noun needed for each


We’re missing more granularity on two strings in the “Desktop” version.

To be perfectly specific, “View” and “Edit” should be differentiated. We need it as a verb and as a noun. There are no differences in English UI, but they’re in French UI.

Example #1: the nav bar.

  • In English it’s: File, Edit, View.
  • In French it’s: Fichier, Modifier, Affichage.
  • In French it should be: Fichier, Édition, Affichage.

Example #2: right-click on any item.

  • In English it’s: View, Edit.
  • In French it’s: Affichage, Modifier.
  • In French it should be: Afficher, Éditer.

Adding the verb and the noun version will help to gain global consistency and accuracy.

@LocalizationTeam: Please let us know if this addition can also be profitable in other languages.

Splitting these terms into verbs and nouns could also be helpful with a more accurate German translation.

The current translations are okay and work in both places, but at least for “View” (as noun “Ansicht” in the menu bar and as verb “Anzeigen” in the item context menu) this would improve translation quality.

Thanks for the feedback!