Tabs on Bitwarden desktop app should be position:fixed;

The tabs on the desktop app of Bitwarden (those that display “Vault” and “Send”) should be fixed (position:fixed; bottom:0;).

Here’s why: when you have a lot of folders, those tabs don’t show up until you scroll all the way down. The tabs should therefore be fixed, exactly the same way the “+” button already is (and the “Edit”, “Clone” and “Delete” too btw).

Screenshot of the issue: Screenshot-17-02-2022-10-14-17 · CleanShot Cloud
Short recording of the issue: Screenshot-17-02-2022-10-20-10 · CleanShot Cloud

Agreed. I can only imagine how annyoing this must be for enterprise admins who have to scroll past lines and lines of collections and login items to reach the buttons. [voted]

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Great feedback, thanks @memeNPC! I can definitely see how something like this would be helpful from a usability perspective.

I’ll see if I can get some eyeballs on this issue, which has previously been submitted on Github here.


Awesome, this also seems pretty easy to fix. Thanks!

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Do you guys have a roadmap or an estimate on when this will be fixed?

Thanks for checking in, the issue is being tracked but there is no specific ETA at this time.

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I was so annoyed by this that I wrote a fix today.
You can find my pull request which includes a GIF showcasing the new behaviour on GitHub.


That’s awesome!

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Thanks @PKlempe :clap: I’ll review with the team!

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