Syncing options/settings

There are multiple ways to use the vault, various browser extensions and programs/apps on various operating systems, all in all an impressive amount of which i use quite a few.

Each extension/app offers an extensive list of options which i have to set individually. For many options i do not feel the need to divert from a choosen option and it would be handy to sync these options, just as the vault itself is synced.


  • would it be possible to (optionally) sync options?
  • If (some) options are already synced, can these be documented?

Options/setting which could be synced are possibly:

  • all password generator options
  • all options
  • settings lock options

(maybe this has been requested before, not sure, see: Customizable standard settings for the password generator)

Yes, that’s correct. I has been asked here before.

In addition, I added that note to my old thread where I talk about a feedback on the features I miss on BW. From the past (the time I composed that thread) until now, many things have changed. Also, I got some new hardware. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to take a look at that thread to see what’s left there to be done…

I didn’t update it in months, regarding the things that have already been implemented and the ones that weren’t yet. But I’ll try to do this sometime later. It didn’t call too much attention as people are busy every time. What can I say about Bitwarden team… :roll_eyes:

Well, don’t be upset for asking for this feature again. It’s just a highlight to keep the devs updated. They are and should be working hard right now, but Bitwarden still is a small team. We should be patient for requesting them with lots of things while they do the hard work. Let’s wait and see what’s next. :wink:

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Thanks @K0media! - We are definitely moving as fast as we can and trying to keep everything organized :slight_smile:

I’ll merge the many sync threads eventually - but we have it captured 100%!

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