Syncing not working on Android

When I installed bitwarden on my Android phone it synced an outdated version of my vault. I added some items on my phone, and I couldn’t get them to sync so that I could see them in my PC browser extension (or the webvault website). Eventually I gave up, and eventually (at least days later) the phone and browser extension synced. Now I’ve installed bitwarden on another Android phone and the same thing is happening: it syncs an old version of my vault and no matter how many times I tell the android app and browser extension to sync, it makes no difference. Is there something I’m missing? How do you sync bitwarden among devices?

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Do you get any error message if you sync manually ?
To sync manually either do the pull down gesture on the My vault tab, press the 3 buttons in the top right corner (⋮) and press Sync or go to SettingsSyncSYNC VAULT NOW.

And as a general idea: Reboot your device and/or try a different network (WiFi vs. mobile network).

No error messages. I’ve tried pulling down and using the “Sync Vault Now” button. It always says that it synced and it’s up to date, even though my phone vault and web vault are clearly different.

My browser extension has 243 login credentials and 19 secure notes. My phone has 140 login credentials and 7 secure notes. Both say that they’ve synced within the last several minutes.

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Are you sure that you do not use 2 different accounts ? On your phone take a look at the eMail-address in the form where you enter your password.

Definitely the same account. I only have 1. And as I said before, my first phone did sync properly, it just happened days after I tried to force it to sync.

I just now compared the amount of logins on my Android with the one in the Chrome extension: They are the same. So this is not a general issue.

Please take a look at the post below:

Because of that try a different network (WiFi vs. mobile, network at home vs. at friend’s place) and then try to sync again.

I seem to be having a similar problem, I have at least 1 password and at least 1 secure note that just isn’t syncing, even after an explicit sync on both the Android app and the browser extension tab. Those were added yesterday, so I might get the same behavior that they’ll be synced in a few days.