Synchronizing the extension of the browser and desktop application

I would like to synchronize between the application and the browser extension. To not enter the password in the extension if it has already entered the application and vice versa. Accordingly, the passwords are taken from the same file (so that they do not desync).


One of the things I miss most from LastPass.

Does someone know if this is being worked on or even considered, it would be of great convenience.

Hi @Woopdedoo! It’s not currently on our immediate roadmap.

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Thank you for your reply, still something to hope for in the future then :wink:

See this feature request which I believe is talking about the same thing.

Note that this is the way KeepassXC and its browser extensions work too, and I really miss that on Bitwarden.

It’s definitely on the radar! The first step in connecting them will be used for Biometrics and then we’ll investigate deeper linking options.

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