Sync without cloud on my local network

I haven’t found a topic or the abbility to do this so I post here.

I’m using a password manager on my laptop and my android device.
It would be nice to sync these 2 devices using my local network only because I don’t want my data on the net, on a cloud.
Really hard to find this feature in any password manager (even the paying ones).
1password was abble to do this on the version 6 and it was perfect for me but I don’t like their new policy.

You can host your own BitWarden server on your local network.

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Would be great to add wlan sync like in 1password, so it wouldn’t need to host your own server much user friendly, when no need to install with docker and all that

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:+1: that’s what I wanted to say.

This is what I am waiting for also.
Hope very much this will be possible.
It’s the only thing in Bitwarden missing imho.