Sync only a subset of Items to a device

In the Premium Personal Plan Pricing there is a dash in the “Max Collections” rows for both “Free Individual” and “Premium”.

In my career as a DevOps consultant, I have LOTS of credentials to secure. I have multiple laptops sent to me by different companies and I have to use each for only that client’s work. I don’t want to place anything on machine A that belongs to company B, or that is personal to me.

I am a new Bitwarden user, so I may be incorrect in my assessment. However, it seems that “collections” are the way to manage this. Unfortunately, collections are excluded from the Personal Premium plan so I am unable to explore that.

Is there a better way to address this need?

Thank you in advance.

Note: I joined the community forum specifically to address this need. I researched before posting this and in doing so, copied much of this into another post that I felt was partially related but only after several replies. I am aware of the taboos of cross-posting and thread hi-jacking and am trying to handle this the best way possible.

I am a paying user of LastPass (and countless other services because I believe in supporting products so that I am not the product ) Even though the recent press around LastPass did not affect me as a paying customer, it did cause me to learn about Bitwarden. I am grateful because this organization better aligns with my beliefs and I am willing to pay for Bitwarden even though my LastPass membership is far from expiring.

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If you subscribed to a Family plan, you’d be able to add 6 users to your organization.

Essentially, you’d create collections that would be assigned to one of those users, and as such, use a different user on each laptop. Each user will only sync the items they are assigned.

Hope that helps!

Not what I expected to hear. But glad that I got this info before paying for the Premium Plan.

Unfortunately, now that I have purchased the family plan and invited a Free Plan user (also me) to share a collection, I am getting an error that I can find no reference to here. It says:

An error has occurred.
Resource not found.

I really could use some help with this! Import into organization's collection - #6 by rpt-james