Switch accounts in browser extension

Is there a way to switch between multiple Bitwarden accounts from the browser extension?

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Not currently. Here is the most recent update from Bitwarden (from the Roadmap discussion):

account switching is in progress (currently available on desktop + mobile) and coming to browser extension in a future release, no eta at this time, but we will release more info as it becomes available.

On a related note, Manifest V3 is the team’s current priority which needs to preface other browser extension work such as account switching.

To supplement the comment by @grb above, in the meantime, you can use browser profiles where available (such as Chrome) or use Firefox + Firefox Nightly etc…

Just curious if there’s any updates to this

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No specific ETA at this time, but we will be sure to share more information as it becomes available :+1:

just voicing my support for this feature