Switch accounts in browser extension

Is there a way to switch between multiple Bitwarden accounts from the browser extension?


Not currently. Here is the most recent update from Bitwarden (from the Roadmap discussion):

account switching is in progress (currently available on desktop + mobile) and coming to browser extension in a future release, no eta at this time, but we will release more info as it becomes available.

On a related note, Manifest V3 is the team’s current priority which needs to preface other browser extension work such as account switching.

To supplement the comment by @grb above, in the meantime, you can use browser profiles where available (such as Chrome) or use Firefox + Firefox Nightly etc…

Just curious if there’s any updates to this

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No specific ETA at this time, but we will be sure to share more information as it becomes available :+1:

just voicing my support for this feature

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We need the feature asap. It is painful right now to switch accounts.
Bitwarden, what is the ETA? if you don’t have an eta, you are planning on doing it.

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+100 can’t believe this isn’t implemented still…

Yes this is really needed!
For those of us pushing bitwarden within our companies, it’s kind of a blocker that if I do manage to get my company to use it, my password auto fill will not work in the browser, and things get super inconvenient!

+1 for this feature! would be amazing

once more following up on this to see if there’s some sort of update…

can’t stress that this is like, really really really important for us

Really need this feature asap! Please provide an update to the community.

@bw-admin @grb It’s been years at this point. Hoping for another update soon.

Ready to deploy this to a Company only to find out there is no account switching WT#? How can this product be used by people, they then recommend it to their employer only to find out they would loose access to their own account in browser?

It is finally here :tada:


Github Release Page