Swipe right or left to quickly copy a password on IOS

Feature name

Swipe right or left to quickly copy a password on IOS.

Feature function

This feature will allow someone to quickly open the app, find their account, then without having to click the ... or clicking into the account to see all the details, just copy the password with a swipe right/left.

Similar feature implemented somewhere else

The Spotify app gives you the ability to swipe right on a song to add it to your queue.


Intuitive ease of use.


I could not find if anyone else had already requests this feature. Please let me know if this has already been discussed.

Other than swiping left/right, I think its best to copy a password by long pressing the password field. Swiping left or right to just copy a password seems wrong.
I think swiping left/right would more suitable for switching to another login item.(In gmail, you can swip and move to the next mail which really handy)

You might have misunderstood the feature.

Swiping left/right on the items here should copy the password. Before you even click into the item to see all the details.

Example from spotify:

As you can see I am swiping right on a song to quickly add it to my queue.

Oh. Like that
Yep I definitely misunderstood what you said.
Pretty cool.

But is this really suitable. What about replacing the three dot menu with a copy button, like in the browser extension. Three dot menu then can be accessed by holding the item.

Well as of right now, nothing happens when u swipe right or left on an item. Meaning this feature can be added without introducing any changes to what is currently there.

Also I am just taking a note from Spotify’s app, who also employs the same three dot menu, while also providing an intuitive way to quickly access the most used button within the three dot menu (Add to queue button).