Support Windows Hello Unlocking


I understand there is a difficulty to support windows hello ( with the desktop app.

Is there any possibility that you guys will look into the solution of integrating windows hello with your app? I see you guys are investigating the desktop bridge (, maybe desktop bridge app can use windows hello API?

Thank you guys for your effort.

Please also consider implementing Windows Hello support in the browser extension


Please check these:

  1. Log into Windows desktop app using mobile app

This would be AWESOME to have! I support that with both hands :slight_smile:


I want you to add Windows Hello to a premium


Agreed, though I might be biased as a current subscriber, haha.

Overall, I hope this feature comes soon. Windows Hello fingerprinting and facial recognition would be dope!

In another upgrade cycle, all of my devices will have biometric login while Bitwarden only has support for 1 of 3 devices’ biometric login (TouchID on my iPhone).

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Has this feature request been considered lately? I know the addition of Windows Hello support is the primary differentiating feature between 1Password/Lastpass and Bitwarden at the moment. I know I can’t be the only one to want to see this large category of devices supported with a bio-metric login option. Thanks!


Agreed, this is one of the things I’ve been missing a lot since switching from 1Password. For both the browser extensions and the desktop app.

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Hello, I’ll copy/paste the msg I posted on
Hello over here. I’ve been a keepass user for the last decade and there is only one thing preventing me from switching to any other option: Windows Hello support. Keepass does not support Windows Hello authentication natively, but I wrote a plugin to handle that for me. I was also involved in the development of a “Library” to allow desktop apps to implement Windows Hello without all the pain (Not necessarily bridge). I learnt about bitwarden recently and immediately picked my attention, being open source off course, and I’m thinking of collaborate on a possible Windows Hello support, but, I am not an experienced developer, in fact, I self taught my way into my developments. I was hoping to get a hint into any possible development in this front, and see if I can be of any help. Sorry for the long msg and thanks.

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I’m using Enpass now. If bitWarden gets Windows Hello support I’ll immediately make the jump.


what’s the difficulty in supporting windows hello with their app?

other password managers have done it.

Yea, fingerprint recognition is common place now. Looking forward to integration into BitWarden desktop app and Chrome extension.

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I heard they had plan for supporting Touch ID on macOS in this year but sadly there are still no plan for Windows Hello :frowning:

would be great if someone could confirm this. no windows hello is a deal breaker for me so i’ll need to shop for a new password manager if that is the case. biometrics should be first on their list of priorities in this day and age instead of changing the app’s colours.


Touch ID is a definite item on the to-do list, but of course while we’re in there and working with authentication APIs, we’ll investigate the windows hello options, too. It shoudn’t be too far separated, but we won’t know until the testing starts.

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+1 for browser fingerprint support on Windows

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The face Id integration with bitwarden on my Ipad is so good, I miss it on my laptop. Please introduce a feature to login to bitwarden with fingerprint on windows.

I, too, would like to see this implemented. It is the only thing that is missing since coming from 1Password.

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I just switched from Dashlane and am still evaluating wether I’ll stay or switch back. So far I love everything except the lack of Windows Hello support is a huge bummer

I welcome this thread to the club: this is a much-needed request.

I might recommend adding your votes to one of the already existing threads (linked above); this request for biometric authentication in the extension gets duplicated often. :frowning: