Support on first install - Centos OS 7 - Webuzo Panel

Hi to all.
I want self-host for a personal use Bitwarden on my server.

My server is a VPS with Centos 7.X and Webuzp Control panel that help to run Apache, FTP, PHP, etc. I have some wordpress websites and other kind of app installed.

I’m not familiar with SSH so this make feel me not safe in the installation process.
My VPS has six cores and 16 GB of RAM and a lot of SSD space.

Yesterday I tried to install passbolt by SSH and this compromised my server I had to reset all VPS and work two day for resume from zero the server configuration.

I don’t wanna live the same experience so I will ask help before try again.
Database and let’s Encrypt certificate are managed by Webuzo Control panel.

I have just installed Composer , I don’t jave Docker or Compose and i don’t know nothing about this. I see the system-requirements page.

I need install Docker and Docker composer or just one of this?
This install can compromise my VPS or create conflict with existing Apache, Webuzo Panel, PHP, socks etc? Should not i think.

I can use bitwarden for free? What limitation will have?

Maybe what can comprimise my server is when you run the script and is asked to generate certificate, etc? I will be simpla safe to not comprimise server, Webuzo, etc by saying no to the let’s encrypt certificate?

What is finally the sequence i have to follow?
Tried to look into how install Docket etc seems not so easy and I’m worried to see again my server compromised because i don’t know how to rever back if something went wrong.

Thank you for your time and help.

Just install Docker and Docker Compose, pick up the docker image and it will also automatically fix the LE certificate. Just follow the

Thank you for your reply.
I lost my server already yesterday because the other software as “fixed” Let’s Encrypt creating conflict and issue with the control panel and other already installed software.

So seems not just easy as you told, for me.
Let’s Encrypt are managed by my control panel.

As far as i know you can turn off LE in the control panel and let Bitwarden fix it.

No, this is not the right way. I want just install the software without compromise the control panel, website tha have SSL managed by the control panel, email, etc.

Thanks for your help but seems install in this way is too dangerous.

I you are so afraid to compromise the VPS, you should have a second, development, server in place that you can mess up without affecting your production machine.

Yes this make sense and i thinked about it but I’m not into business, i don’t work so i cannot pay for a second server. I will find another way to salve and to read my password.

I’m a passionate of the web, security and open source. I manage a VPS and i know some basic SSH command but I’m not familiar with installation made by SSH. I use composer because i use a Flarum community.

The Flarum installation never created issue but at the start was afraid also to this.

Recently i tried to install a password manager from SSH and my server was compromised. You do a simple SSH command and a script can do what want by overwriting already installed application this made conflict and make the control panel or the already installed script / software to stop to work and start to create issues.

Thanks anyway :smiley: