Support importing password from Safari 15

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Importing password from Safari 15

Feature Description

Nowadays, Safari supports exporting password in an Apple ID; however, Bitwarden have not supported that yet. I compared the export structure of Safari with that one of Chrome, and I found it pretty similar. Thus, I decided to write the importer that is based on Chrome’s.

For more information about this structure, see my Pull Request of that, which has annotated it well.

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Has completed: feat(importers/safariCsvImporter): add the importer for Safari (CSV) by pan93412 · Pull Request #512 · bitwarden/jslib · GitHub


Thanks, @pan93412!

We’re definitely ready for macOS Monterey :wink:

cc @eliykat

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Thanks @pan93412! I’ll review your code on Github and leave any comments there - I’ll aim to get to it in the next couple of weeks.