Support [imported] android:// URIs (natively, by conversion, or both?)

Feature function

What will this feature do differently?

Bitwarden should convert all android:// URIs to androidapp:// URIs during importation from, and support android:// URIs manually added to the vault.

For instance, android://kCyQDzpaoAX2gs-1zdGPKNAeI[email protected]/com.pinterest should become androidapp://com.pinterest.

Additionally (or alternatively, if the work necessary is undesirable) Bitwarden should recognize these URIs for those who already have them in their vaults, and for those that may erroneously add them, however they manage to.

What benefits will this feature bring?

Compatbility with for those who have already imported such URis form it to their Bitwarden vaults. Automatic conversion of such URIs when added would support those who do not know of the Bitwarden-native androidapps:// schema, and probably reduce the code necessary to remediate this problem.

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