Support for websites logins with hidden user name

Support for hidden usernames

  • Better support for websites where the username field is hidden like the password field is.

Feature function

  • Browser extension should recognize hidden username/ID as what it is instead of seeing it as a duplicate password field.
  • The benefit is better function/user experience with websites that hide username.

Do you have an example? I’m not sure what you mean. It’s usually possible to cater for most websites by using custom fields.

Here is the URL to the website example. This is a corporate health benefits site.
Corp Benefits Portal

It’s tough because the element itself is marked as a password input:
<input type="password" name="USERNAME" class="form-control" id="USERNAME" maxlength="15" autocomplete="off"> - which doesn’t mean it’s a password of course, but is usually a key indicator :slight_smile:

The best option for this would be to create a custom field named “USERNAME” and leave the default username field in the Bitwarden item blank.

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Thanks for the workaround… still hope someone will find a way to make it more automated and convenient. Thanks again!

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