Support for isolated views of accounts (Like Identities/Sub-vaults in LastPass)



One feature that’s preventing me from moving over from LastPass (other than locking down items so they require the master password to fill, ideally with an option to not require the MPW for a limited time after) is that I can’t create isolated views/identities/subvaults that I can select from on a browser level

I use LP for Home and Work accounts, and have created a Work view that’s is mostly only Work accounts and a few personal ones I might need and a Home one to hide unnecessary work accounts. This means I can run one browser for personal email, and another for Work and reduce the chance of colleagues getting into a personal account if they need to use my computer.

Changing from one view to another should require the master password and when in the identity, creds from other views/master view should be hidden unless they’ve been added.
Adding a cred while in a view should add it to the master view and the currently open view/

There should also be a manager to allow adding/removing creds to/from an identity.

To be clear, this ISN’T referring to the already supported identity fills

It also looks like I’m not the only one wanting this:

If this (and the extra password on some items thing) we a part of BW, I’d be happy to jump over and pay you instead of LP