Support for Contactless NFC Payments

Feature name

May the Bitwarden add support for contactless, NFC payments in Bitwarden.

At first, this may sound like a strange feature request. However, every

contactless NFC payment system is proprietary and has been hacked on

multiple occasions.

I would totally rather use Bitwarden to make contactless NFC payments than

any other proprietary system, especially since Bitwarden has proven itself

to have a clean history from security compromises so far. To better understand

why I would want this feature, I am a user and I do not want to have

to use my actual debit card when making in-store payments in superstores that

accept contactless NFC payments, such as Target.

In the below Youtube video, two individuals discuss why you should absolutely never

rely on your bank to grant you a refund in case you suffer from fraudulence.

They will try to find last excuse in the book to avoid having to pay you back.

To find the Youtube video, type in " Bank Fraud Digital Forensics - Episode 45 - RDPS"

in Youtube. You will find the video “The Roniel and DaRon Podcast Show” Youtube


Feature function

By adding support for contactless NFC payments, Bitwarden users will

be able to make in-store payments much more safely when used in

conjunction with privacy-oriented payment services like payment


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