Support for Apple Passkey (and Google and Microsoft)

With iOS 15.4 it appears there is support for the new “passwordless” spec that Apple, Google and Microsoft are promoting. When I try WebAuthn from Mac Safari, one of the options is “iPhone, iPad or Android Device (Use passkey from a device with a camera)”. This would be a fantastic replacement for physical Yubico keys I think.

When I follow the process, it shows me a QR Code which I scan from my phone, which then leads to a popup that says that there are no passkeys for in my iCloud Keychain.

Any idea when this will be available?

Edit: Apple Developer Documentation

This is getting more important now that Apple has shown it again during this year’s WWDC and more companies really putting their weight behind it. I will have to look into account recovery of this feature some more, because I don’t want my iPhone to be a single point of failure, potentially locking me out of all accounts. But I’m generally wondering how bitwarden’s role might evolve in a passwordless future. Would be interesting to get your thoughts on it @kspearrin


+1, using bitwarden with bitwarden_rs makes my password manager ecosystem free of centralized cloud solutions, and i’d like to keep it that way.

What’d be interesting is how open Google and Microsoft will be with this implementation, and if it means that bitwarden needs to position itself more to a system level, rather than an extension level, or (like enpass) link the two together.