Suggestion to add more custom fields

We usually save passwords with the additional need to save more. For example:
For the OpenAI site, I use the login account to add the password management type for the login type, but at the OpenAI site, I may also generate Token information and I still need to save the associated Token information. Although, currently it can be saved using custom fields. But the variety of custom fields is still not enough.

For example, the following Cloudflare scenario:

Cloudflare account

account: [email protected]
password: xxxxxxxxxx

Zero Trust 1

Zero Trust 2





These are all key information contained in the same cloudflare account. But currently custom fields don’t organise such a structure very well.

Therefore, it is recommended that more types be added to the custom fields, as well as support for password type handling for note information.

The custom types to be added may contain these:
Separator types, just to present a distinction display
Text block type, in order to save formatted data and support password types, e.g. to save the official Tesla backup key, which is a string of text structure and not a specific password, but multiple one-time passwords.

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+1, separator and paragraph custom fields would be super nice.