Suggest to update passwords when using a password change form

I do not get the popup to update my password when I change my password on a website using their update password form. The form usually has three fields, old password, new password and confirm new password. When the form is submitted, Firefox suggests to update the password but Bitwarden does not.

I know that it can be tricky if there are multiple logins for the same website. I would suggest using a dropdown/combobox that allows the user to select for which username to update the password when such a form is submitted. If there’s only one login, then there’s no need for the dropdown to appear.

Update the password in the Bitwarden extension first so that you know it’s saved. This video kind of demonstrates this. The old password will be at the bottom of the login in password history.

The video does not address Bitwarden’s behavior or lack of behavior when UPDATING (or being required to UPDATE) a password on a website. It only demonstrates CREATING a login.

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It’s the same idea. When you’re on the site select the site in Bitwarden and generate a new password. Then copy or autofill the new password and you’re done.

It then asks to update a PW for which I JUST re-generated and then saved to BW.

Ah thank you, that’s a good solution.

Bitwarden does not ask to auto save new credentials for some websites. However We can manage using the manual saving option. But what make it complex is updating the already saved login passwords, particularly If copy/paste option is disabled in the password field of the website.

Actually I am new to password manager. First of all I tried Bitwarden, As I felt the above difficulty, I decided to try some other applications to know how they handle this situation.

Please find below different between Bitwarder and other applications:

Please keen in mind that I tried to change password on web site where copy/paste option is not available and Bitwarden does not prompt to auto save/update password.

There are 3 password fields available. 1. old password, 2. new password & 3. re-enter new password.


  1. I have to use auto fill option on the old password filed. But Bitwarden fills all the 3 fields with old password.

  2. So, I have to keep the password on 1st field and delete the 2nd and 3rd fields.

  3. Go to Bitwarden tool bar icon and generate new password and copy it.

  4. Note it down on a notepad file or paper.

  5. Go to My Vault>>Login>>Item name>>Edit>>Paste the new password copied>>save.

  6. Come back to website’s new password (2nd) field and manually enter the generated password (as copy/paste option is not working).

  7. Again manually enter the new password in 3rd field.

Other Password managers:

  1. I have to fill the old password field using the auto fill option directly available on the field itself (it only fill the 1st field).

  2. Then go to the 2nd field, a dropdown asks me to generate a new password, I click on it then it fill the 2nd as well as 3rd field automatically.

  3. Finally when I click on the submit button on the web site, tool bar icon asks me to make change to the already saved item. I simply click on save.

I have to change password every month for 3 or 4 times, as the password of some sites expire in every 90days.

The main issue here is the auto-fill option fills all the 3 fields.

It is cumbersome noting down and manually entering the passwords having more them 15 characters. Any idea how to overcome this?.

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Since you have such a unique situation I would consider using the custom fields option in Bitwarden.

Whatever is in the custom field will override what’s in the username and passwords so you could use that instead. That video above shows you how to set them up. If the website you’re talking about is public I can try to help you too, just post the link.

@dangostylver Thank you for your reply.

I am facing this issue in many sites. They are not public sites. Most of them are Banking sites and some are tax filling sites. So, you are unable to access them as you need an account to get the password change page.

Anyway, your trick works but, still somewhat complicated. Meanwhile I searched the forum and found a workaround here.

So, this trick reduces the complex 7 steps to easy few steps. Particularly I don’t need to note down and manually enter the password anymore.

I follow the below few steps:

  1. I fill the old password field using the auto-fill option.
  2. Delete the password in the 2nd and 3rd fields
  3. Go to Tool bar icon>>password Generator>>select the generated password (& Copy)>>Drag and drop to the 2nd and 3rd fields>>submit the form
  4. Then come to the TAB>>click “view” of the saved login>>Edit>>Paste the copied new password>> Save.

Now, it is somewhat easier but not straightforward like other password managers.

Most of the other Password managers are straightforward but Bidwarden is not. Is there any particular reason for this?

Thanks again for your response.

Thank you for pointing that trick out! I did not know about this.

I’ve yet to run into a site that blocks copy and paste, I guess I’m lucky? Hopefully those sites come less and less. I figured if I did run into a site like that I would make the generated password something easy to type and manually enter it. Or use KeePassXC as a middle man with its autotype feature but keep the info in Bitwarden.

I’ve heard Bitwarden working on a pop up or something that could address this problem. I’m sure Bitwarden will add a feature that will fix it, they’re still new but more importantly they’re listening to users like us. I say give it time and Bitwarden will have something.

I personally love the way Bitwarden does it as it guarantees the password is saved in the vault. This was a major problem with LastPass that I used to use.

I too love Bitwarden mainly as it is open source and lowest price. I am new to password manager application itself. It is just a week since I started using. The very first day I noticed this password change complexity. So, I contacted customer support. Sadly, they had no any idea. Then I started searching this forum for a solution for the past 5 days. But it was not that easy. Many members have requested this feature all over the forum but posted under different topic names. If you look at this @xeresblueBW guy’s profile, He has visited only one day so far and created only one post where I found out the solution. The answer has been here somewhere and waiting for (me) a year . Interesting!

But while searching I found out some other tricks too. You too introduced me the custom field option. But for this password change issue, if I use this method I have to edit 60 logins one by one. Anyway I think it will be useful in some other sites in some other situation.

The way I handle the change password forms where BW autofills the 3 fields is:
I add behind the already complex and long password of the new and confirm password fields the date of today and change my password to that.
I then edit the password in Bitwarden to include the extra numbers at the end.