Suggest existing custom field names when adding new custom fields

Many Items had Custom Fields, and most of them had the same Custom Field Name, such as “Two-factor Security SMS number”, “Payment password(different from Login Password)”, “Sync Security keys”, “Two-factor Recovery codes” and so on.

Every time when I add a new Item and click the New Custom Field button, I have to fill in the same Name again and again.
This is so inconvenient!

How about to do like this:
When I add a new Item, I can click the New Custom Field button. then, I can fill in a new Name or Choose an old Name that Old Items already had.
1, If I typed a new Name, I can choose the Custom Field Type(“Text” “Hidden” “Boolean”), and then fill in the Value.
2, If I choose an old Name, the Custom Field Type(“Text” “Hidden” “Boolean”) will be Automatic changed, the I can fill in the Value.

Thanks a lot

This feature request already exists:

and there is even already a Github contribution:

I mean the Name of CUSTOM FIELDS, not the login username.
thanks a lot

Adjusted the title, thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks a lot and thank BW

useful feature request :+1: