Are you planning to introduce the creation of subdirectories?

Thank you: Akos Kiss

It’s already possible to create subfolders:


If the folder “Test” already exists, this will create a subdirectory “Test2” in it.

Can you explain please? Because I want like about this : Forums
Hardver forums
Car forums
F1 forums
And I didn’t finde any options for that?

Thank you: Akos Kiss

You create a new folder called “Forums”
Then you create a new folder called “Forums/Hardver forums”
And so on

Ok tahat’s cool. But it could be easier, and why I need put a same name first?

Thank you: Akos Kiss

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I totally agree that this is an AWFUL User Experience (#UX).
This should be improved, and there are some suggestions here about folders.
@tgreer Any plans when the folders will be improved?

Ok thank you. I hope Is coming soon.

Thank you.

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@BaziJoe If you like my answers, you may click on the “Heart” icon below the posting.

The forums is not a place to put posts like this. Getting more hearts is not the point . Please also stop tagging tgreer in all the posts, he is not a robot. The feature is not going to come as soon as you ask them. The company is small but slowly expanding, its expected for features to take a good amount of time.

The forums is not a place to put posts like this. Getting more hearts is not the point .

Just wanted to mention that these hearts stand for a good reputation (at least in other forums).
And say “I like your post” encourages other people to be more polite and help others.
So they are (IMHO) important, not for statistics but for a good behaviour.

Please also stop tagging tgreer in all the posts

I assume that he is very busy and has much to do.
But you also have to understand my point: I have posted many suggestions 2 years ago and for some of them there is no official reaction.
And all of them (I think except one) are not implemented yet and this is really a pain because these features increase the usability a lot (some of my suggestions have very high votes).

So, please understand me that I am very frustrated.
But currently I have the pressure that my family wants to have also access to my passwords and that they want an usable solution.
Bitwarden is definitely the easiest solution (concerning sharing and access control) but many missing feature make it hard to use.

Thank you @vachan for helping clarify while I was unable to reply :slight_smile:

@OLLI_S we have backlog items to revisit UI/UX and folders are a considerable portion of that, but no development timeline just yet.

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