Streamline process for sending passwords using Sends

Feature name

Increase the user experience of sending a password to someone else using Sends.


One of the most useful functions of the Send feature is being able to more securely share passwords with someone else over email, text, etc.

The challenge is that right now if we want to send a password to someone using the Send feature there are a lot of steps:

  1. Copy password from vault
  2. Click Send tab
  3. Click new Send
  4. Select “Text” option
  5. Paste in password
  6. Save Send
  7. Click Send options
  8. Click copy Send link
  9. Paste Send into email client

We were really hoping to use Sends for password sharing at our organization, but this process is too long for less technical users.

Feature function

Here’s a suggested alternative

  1. In Vault, click options on an item (or right click on desktop app)
  2. Below “copy password” have option to “send password”
  3. Automatically copy newly created Send with default settings to clipboard
  4. Paste Send into email client


I think a good feature to add into BW would be the ability to right click or click a tick box in an item that exists in a collection - that would send that item to a BW Send (As Text).

The whole reason I use BW send is to send a Username or Pass to a person, which usually exists already in a Collection, it is annoying having to copy the password or username and have to go back to BW Send for each items and paste it in… a ‘Send to BW Send’ would be handy or ‘Create BW Send’ then tick the items you want to add to a Send.


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