✅ Store WebAuthn/FIDO2 Credentials in Bitwarden (Passkey support)

Hey @RNHurt, this request is about storing passkeys into the Bitwarden Vault for use with logging in to services similar to how Bitwarden can be used to store and login with passwords.

You may possibly be referring to using a separate passkey, i.e currently with Google or Apple’s Keychain, for use with login to Bitwarden and access your vault.
There is a current feature request to allow for Login with a passkey if you’d like to support this.

Though at the moment what you experienced would be using a passkey as a 2FA method, which you can currently set up and create as a FIDO2 compatible method of 2FA login for your vault.
You would just need to create this first in the web-vault as described in Two-step Login via FIDO2 WebAuthn | Bitwarden Help Center