Store server credentials & autoconnect using Bitwarden instead of Keychain on MacOS?


I’m new to Bitwarden, so please be gentle. There might be an easy answer to my question - but many searches on this forum and beyond did not clear this up for me.

I’ve successfully installed Bitwarden on my local server. Works great on all my devices.

One thing I’d like to change still, is the way credentials are stored for autoconnecting to a server/shared folder in MacOS Finder. The only available option is to ‘Remember this password in my keychain’. I’d rather store it in Bitwarden.

Is there any way I can have the password field autofill from Bitwarden without using Keychain? I can obviously do a manual copy/paste every single time, but I would like to autoconnect to certain shared folders on the server when I log in to my laptop.

Thanks in advance for your help!